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There are many excellent options available out there for child care. Why choose in-home child care (at a dayhome) instead of a regular daycare? Consider the following factors to determine if a dayhome is right for your family.

The idea of leaving your child with virtual strangers while you work all day is always stressful. Many parents opt for dayhomes over daycare because, with a dayhome, they are able to meet the one individual responsible for taking care of their child, instead of dealing with a more anonymous, if not still perfectly friendly, team of caregivers. If you are in Calgary and would like to meet VonKids’ dayhome caregivers and would like to provide your child an amazing child care experience, reach out to us today to speak with us or to book a tour of a dayhome near you!


Many parents are surprised when they find out that they have other options than daycare to send their kids to while they are at work. Dayhomes combine the advantages of a daycare with the safety and comfort of an at-home environment.


Here at VonKids, we are dedicated to providing your kids with high-quality personal development opportunities in a safe, welcoming environment. However, a student’s preparedness to learn starts with a solid morning routine each day. That’s why our Calgary-based dayhome company has put together some tips for getting your kids ready for a full day of learning and positive experiences. Read through these tips, then, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what VonKids can do for you and your kids, reach out to us online or by phone! You also can book a tour at one of our facilities.


There are many fun things to do and places to visit in Calgary. In our previous post, we talked about a few of them. This post continues on with Vonkids’ list of things to do in Calgary when your kids are out of daycare over the weekend.


It’s the weekend. You are off work and the kids are out of daycare. Time to have some fun! Vonkids want to help you spend lots of quality family time with your kids. To that aim, we have compiled this list of some great things to do with your kids in and around Calgary. When your kids are not learning child math, science, language, music, and more at our world-class daycares and dayhomes, more adventures await them over the weekends. Need a place where your kids can learn and grow on weekdays? Choose Vonkids for your childcare needs!


Here at Vonkids, the providers of premier child care services in Calgary, we know that the terrible twos can be a difficult time, to say the least.

People say, “You are living the best time of your life”, “They grow so fast, it feels like yesterday when I was holding their tiny hands” and it is all true, but doesn’t it feel like an eternity when our little ones are throwing tantrums in public?

There are no parenting books that can help prepare you for the realities of child development. They may tell you what you might be able to expect, but nothing can truly prepare you for what your children will be like once they reach this unpredictable age.

So, in order to help you understand how to properly care for a two year old, we would like to share with you some strategies that can help you in times of great stress. Some of these strategies are even used by our lovely directors here at VonKids Dayhomes. Let’s start with the facts of how the development of a two year old’s brain effects their behaviors:


Hi Vonkids Parents, today we are going to talk about raising grateful children.

It has come to my attention as I see more and more kids publicly and even in my own home… that kids can fall into a habit of demanding things like they deserve them.

“Mom, I want that and that and that…please, it’s just one thing…”

Of course, I would love to buy everything my kids want but how are they going to appreciate what they already have if I buy them e-very-thing?!

So I took a look at myself, what am I saying and doing for my kids to be demanding things like that, and yes I can objectively see some of my mistakes like bribing them with material things to reinforce certain behaviours instead of using non-material things. Also going to the grocery shopping and buying them stuff just to have a quiet and peaceful shopping trip….sound familiar?

Parents, first we have to be congruent with our thoughts and actions, as the example we give them will be the best way to teach them. So here are some tips I’m going to put into action and hope they help you too if you are...


Kids are constantly learning from the day they’re born. As they grow, their curiosity becomes greater and greater. However, knowing what to teach your kids and when can be difficult. Are they too young, can they comprehend what it is you’re trying to teach them? These questions and hundreds more constantly swirl around in your head as you get ready to teach your children life skills they’ll need throughout their entire lives. In today’s blog, the child care professionals at VonKids in Calgary will go over a few things you can start teaching your children in their first three to seven years. Keep reading to see what kinds of lessons you can start teaching your infant or toddler today!


The holidays are a special time of year where everyone seems to be a bit more jolly. But one of the best ways to spread even more cheer is with great holiday decorations that everyone can enjoy. If you like to sit down with your kids and make your holiday decorations, then you’re in luck, because today’s blog is dedicated to holiday arts and crafts. In this article, the childcare professionals at Vonkids will go over some of the crafts you can do at home to help make your holiday even more special. All of these can be made with everyday objects or can be easily mended with a simple trip to your local crafting store. So, without further delay, let’s get into crafts you can make to brighten up your holiday.


Most of us know what a daycare is and understand the concept behind it. But if you’re like many other people, dayhome could be a brand new term for you. If you don’t quite understand the differences between daycare and dayhome, then you are in the right place. Vonkids has made this great blog to help you learn exactly what a dayhome is and how it differs from its more well known counterpart the daycare. Keep reading to find out what makes a dayhome different than an ordinary daycare.


We’ll go ahead and say it: learning is cool. But kids aren’t always excited to go to school, especially as they get older. Are you looking for a few ways to get your kids excited about going to school? Vonkids has a few ideas on how to get your kids interested in going to school and learning. If you’re looking for child care in Calgary, look no further than Vonkids. We have several locations all around the Calgary area, view some of our dayhome locations and find the one that’s perfect for you.