How To Get Your Kids Ready In The Morning

Here at VonKids, we are dedicated to providing your kids with high-quality personal development opportunities in a safe, welcoming environment. However, a student’s preparedness to learn starts with a solid morning routine each day. That’s why our Calgary-based dayhome company has put together some tips for getting your kids ready for a full day of learning and positive experiences. Read through these tips, then, if you have any questions or would like to learn more about what VonKids can do for you and your kids, reach out to us online or by phone! You also can book a tour at one of our facilities.

Tips For Preparing Your Child For Their Dayhome

VonKids dayhomes have a great deal in common with regular schools. We teach your kids about things like physical science, reasoning, social/moral living, artistic expression, arts and crafts, and a great deal more. We have a curriculum that is designed to help your child grow and become more knowledgeable while at one of our dayhomes in Calgary. Make sure your kids are ready to make the most out of their day with the following tips.

Tip #1: Complete Chores The Day Before

Morning routines are challenging and stressful enough without added chores. Chores like packing their lunch in the morning, which could have been done the night before, are just going to raise stress levels and slow everyone down. If possible, get your kids to shower/take a bath the night before as well, so they have less to do when they get up in the morning. Getting chores done the day before allows you to not have to hurry, keeping things going smoothly and everyone feeling calm.

Tip #2: Create a Basic Schedule

Another way to make mornings easier is to create a basic schedule for what needs to get done and in roughly what order. Brainstorm together with your family (including the kids!) what order you will do things like getting dressed, eating breakfast, packing bags, etc. Involve the kids in this process so they feel more responsible for getting to VonKids on time.

Tip #3: Encourage Them To Get Ready Themselves

Getting ready for the day all by themselves can be a big achievement for many kids, and, depending on their age, it can take some time for them to no longer need help along the way. Encourage them to brush their own teeth, dress themselves, brush their own hair, etc.

Tip #4: Use Music

Here’s a fun idea! Are your kids refusing to get out of bed? Turn on some fun or funny music to get them springing into action and feeling positive! Like an alarm clock, you can start with some calm, soft music, and then gradually progress to music that is louder and more exciting. If they keep playing dead, at that point it may be time to start dancing on their bed! Tickling, kissing, or singing a song intentionally badly will most likely get them up and getting dressed.

Energize Your Kids With Love & Playfulness

The two big picture approaches to getting your kids ready for a full day of learning is to therefore A) prepare in advance and B) bring the energy. If you start your day with a playful, positive attitude, it can easily be infectious to everyone around you.

When your child then shows up to one of our Calgary dayhomes, they will carry on that positive energy from their morning throughout the rest of the day, spreading that attitude to other students as well, creating a more educational, fun experience for everyone.

We hope these tips have been useful! If you are in Calgary and haven’t yet settled on a dayhome for your child, contact VonKids to learn more about what makes our dayhomes different from most others around.