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Need expert childcare services in the Panorama Hills area? Partner with Vonkids, the professional childcare experts in the greater Calgary area, and get world-class daycare services. Our dayhomes, unlike traditional daycares, help kids to learn and grow while they play. Your children will discover and thrive while they learn new and exciting things. Our preschool groups learn basic things like colors and numbers, while older children will learn math, reading, and writing. All of this is done in our dayhomes that don’t contain TVs or any other type of screen.

When you need a high-quality all day preschool or daycare, then a Vonkids dayhome is a perfect fit. Our dayhomes are inspected to make sure they meet our high-quality standards in safety and efficiency at all times. All of our dayhome locations are kept secret, and our host families are thoroughly vetted before we hire them to guarantee safety for everyone. All meals are made with organic, natural ingredients and can be modified for any allergies or dietary needs. When your kids are at a Vonkids dayhome, they’re sure to love every second of their time spent here. Contact Vonkids today to find a Calgary dayhome in your area, and be sure to schedule a free tour as well.

Our parents come from the following nearby areas:

  • Panorama Hills
  • Harvest Hills
  • Calgary
  • Hamptons
  • Country Hills
  • Coventry Hills
  • Sage Hill
  • Simons Valley

We are constantly expanding and should a group of parents have a need in a certain area, VonKids will definitely consider setting up a dayhome to accommodate such needs. Please be on the lookout for new home openings.



We’re expanding into southeastern Calgary as well, and we can expand into any part of the city simply based on a compiled waitlist. Is VonKids the right choice for your children? Contact us online or by phone today for more information or to get started registering!

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