At VonKids, when it comes to childcare, we believe in going the extra mile. That’s particularly true when it comes to our educational curriculum. By using years of experience in childhood development education and experience, we’ve implemented programs that are fun, age-appropriate, and positive. Add to that a focus on nurturing strong bonds between friends and family, and it’s no wonder the kids who have gone through our system remember it fondly.

We’ve developed a theme-based, proprietary curriculum that has core elements from Montessori, Reggio-Emilia/Constructivism, HighScope, and Waldorf. We have developmental areas in:

  • Physical scientific knowledge
  • Logical mathematical knowledge
  • Reasoning and social/moral living
  • Artistic expression
  • Motor skills

Additionally, our curriculum features:

  • Coordinated curriculum across all VonKids programs, with teacher flexibilities
  • Integrates second languages (mostly Spanish) into all teachings
  • Arts and crafts integrated into all themes
  • Usage of the Brainquest supplemental program
  • Morning circle time with themed reading
  • Reading partnership with parents (library visit requirement)

With years of experience, our staff, directors, and administrative team make use of training and extensive resources to create knowledge opportunities whenever possible. This helps to boost cognitive, physical, and emotional development throughout the day. To begin the registration process, contact us online or by phone today!