11 Family-Friendly Trips In Calgary Part I

It’s the weekend. You are off work and the kids are out of daycare. Time to have some fun! Vonkids want to help you spend lots of quality family time with your kids. To that aim, we have compiled this list of some great things to do with your kids in and around Calgary. When your kids are not learning child math, science, language, music, and more at our world-class daycares and dayhomes, more adventures await them over the weekends. Need a place where your kids can learn and grow on weekdays? Choose Vonkids for your childcare needs!

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1. Granary Road

Learn where food comes from the fun way! Calling itself a public market and active learning park, to the south of town is the unique Granary Road. Granary Road has vendors selling fresh produce and other unique products, as well as regular events. From goat yoga to stoneware glazing, there is something interesting for everyone here. The active learning park is particularly well-suited for kids. There are 36 acres of activities, including trails, petting zoo, and many themed exhibits. Your kids will have a fantastic time playing and using their imaginations here!


2. The Calgary Zoo

The Calgary Zoo is one of Calgary’s most popular tourist attractions. With almost 1,000 animals, your kids are sure to encounter something they’ve never seen before. Originally founded in 1929, the Calgary Zoo is one of only five zoos in Canada that are accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

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3. Peters’ Drive-In

Peters’ Drive-In is Calgary’s most famous burger and milkshake destinations. It opened back in 1964, and maintains its appeal to this today in part because of all the philosophy, aesthetic, and flavor of the 60s that it upholds. Existing now almost as a dream of a past era, your kids will only be dreaming of the delicious milkshakes of any of the more than a dozen flavors. Prices are quite reasonable as well.


4. Bowling

There are a few places to go bowling in Calgary. For more neon vibes, check out Let’s Bowl over on the corner of 4th Ave NE and 28 St NE. To the south are Toppler Bowl and Bowling at Century, two other great choices. Bowling is an easy-to-learn game that kids can start playing at as early as three years old (with the help of bumpers and ball ramps if necessary). There are some great lessons kids learn with bowling: things like waiting their turn, doing math, and healthy competitiveness. However, that competitiveness is supplemented by the fact that in bowling, everyone wins! It’s also great when someone gets a strike and everyone celebrates together.


5. Cycling

One of the best ways to experience the awesome beauty of Calgary and its surrounding nature is by bike. There are so many great pathways to choose from. You can ride around Glenmore Reservoir, take a spin along the Bow River, head up to Nose Hill Park, and more! The Bow River bicycle pathway network is particularly nice for families to ride on. You can rent bikes from Eau Claire Rapid Rent, and see downtown sights like Prince’s Island Park, Chinatown, and the Peace Bridge. Stop off at the new Central Library or check out Sidewalk Citizen Bakery on the way!

Great Things To Do With Your Family

After work and daycare all week, families can spend quality time together and have a great time going on an adventure exploring Calgary over the weekend. When the weekdays arrive again, we hope your kids will have a story to share with the rest of VonKids daycare in Calgary. Click here to read part two of our list of things to do with the family in Calgary!