How To Get Your Kids Excited For School

We’ll go ahead and say it: learning is cool. But kids aren’t always excited to go to school, especially as they get older. Are you looking for a few ways to get your kids excited about going to school? Vonkids has a few ideas on how to get your kids interested in going to school and learning. If you’re looking for child care in Calgary, look no further than Vonkids. We have several locations all around the Calgary area, view some of our dayhome locations and find the one that’s perfect for you.


Make Learning Fun

For younger students, this is easy. Incorporate music and games with math, reading, geography, or any subject you’d like to help them learn. Make a matching games with animal figurines to help kindergarteners learn to identify, set up a memory game with your fourth grader to help them remember vocabulary words, or use a counting or number songs to help your first grader get math. The possibilities are endless.

For older kids, use things they’re interested in to help them learn to love learning. For instance, if your student is learning a new language and loves online shopping, let them make a list of things they want, but they have to write it for you in the language they’re studying. Have them describe the object in the language, using at least three different sentences to identify the object. If your student doesn’t like the books their school is assigning, get them a book, video game, or something they do want and let them use it only after they’ve completed their assigned reading. One chapter or section read gets them an hour or so with their preferred object.

Take Away Distractions

Sometimes kids need to buckle down and get their work done. But things like the TV, cellphones, birds flying outside, and even food can distract them from getting their work done. Make sure they have a table, desk, or some kind of work station where they can go to get their homework done without any distractions around them. If there isn’t anywhere in your home they can go to escape distractions, music can also help your student study. Music, specifically classical, soundtrack, or any type of music not containing words, can help you concentrate while you’re reading or studying. It can even help with memory recognition. So if your high school student has trouble with taking tests, see if their teacher will allow them to listen to the music they study with while they take their tests.

Reinforce Your Kids

A compliment can go a long way, especially for your student. If your kids are struggling to understand a concept, help them understand it and tell them they’re doing well, that they’re doing a good job, or that they can do it. Help build up their confidence, if they don’t understand something the first, second, or even the fifth time that it’s ok and they’ll get it if they keep trying. If they still don’t understand something after a few attempts, try teaching it to them a different way. Everyone learns a little differently, when students are young they don’t yet know how they learn best. But encouragement, patience, and some creativity will always help your students succeed.

From everyone here at Vonkids, we hope this blog has helped you and your family. If you’re looking for child care in Calgary that’s educational, flexible, and reliable, then Vonkids is the dayhome system for you. If you’re looking to enroll, learn more about Vonkids, see what makes us different, or contact us to answer any questions you may have about our company.