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Top Reasons To Choose In-Home Family Child Care

There are many excellent options available out there for child care. Why choose in-home child care (at a dayhome) instead of a regular daycare? Consider the following factors to determine if a dayhome is right for your family.

The idea of leaving your child with virtual strangers while you work all day is always stressful. Many parents opt for dayhomes over daycare because, with a dayhome, they are able to meet the one individual responsible for taking care of their child, instead of dealing with a more anonymous, if not still perfectly friendly, team of caregivers. If you are in Calgary and would like to meet VonKids’ dayhome caregivers and would like to provide your child an amazing child care experience, reach out to us today to speak with us or to book a tour of a dayhome near you!

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Why Do Parents Choose Dayhomes?

Besides the greater personalization of care, parents often opt to send their kids to dayhomes because of the price. While the government has started providing child care subsidies in recent years, the price of child care still averages more than $10 an hour. VonKids helps you overcome the tough decision between choosing between what you can afford and what will be best for your child and their future. Our programs provide endless childhood development opportunities, and are based on some of the best curriculums in the world. VonKids aims to provide your kids with a learning experience suitable for their age and unique talents and personality.

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Another plus with dayhomes over standard daycares is that dayhomes tend to have smaller class sizes. Smaller class sizes usually mean more personal interaction and teaching with your child. Children aren’t just learning from caretakers, but also from one another. Dayhomes generally have children together in a wider age-group, which is an advantage in terms of allowing siblings to be together in the same dayhome as well as giving kids the opportunity to interact with other children of different ages and maturity levels.

Ultimately, when it comes to providing high-quality child care, unlike the popular belief that big-name daycares are the way to go, dayhomes in fact present a very attractive alternative suitable for many families. VonKids not only provides excellent child care in Calgary and the surrounding areas, but we also help kids grow through our carefully selected curriculums, designed to help them develop and thrive. Want to learn more about VonKids’ dayhomes? Read more or reach out to us with any questions you have! Our dayhomes are all conveniently located throughout Calgary — so you are sure to find one near your home.

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At VonKids, children who have gone through our system fondly remember where they came from; their childhood. That concept is what guided us and led us to bring together a global, premium approach to education and childhood development. Learn more about the VonKids difference...