5 Benefits Of Dayhomes

Many parents are surprised when they find out that they have other options than daycare to send their kids to while they are at work. Dayhomes combine the advantages of a daycare with the safety and comfort of an at-home environment.

VonKids in Calgary offers high-quality, affordable dayhomes all around the Calgary region. See our locations here. Founded in 2008, Vonkids is Calgary’s #1 dayhome company. We provide children a place to learn and grow in a way that benefits them best. VonKids is dedicated to offering quality child development in a safe and welcoming environment.


In today’s blog, we’ll be exploring five of the most significant benefits to sending your kids to a day home.

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#1: Convenient & Affordable

In-home care is typically much less expensive than a traditional day care center. Since there aren’t as many overhead costs, you’ll be able to get quality care for a lower cost. In-home providers will also be more likely to be accommodating to last-minute care, such as during emergencies or when something comes up suddenly that you need to take care of. Our dayhomes are flexible and affordable.


#2: Smaller Groups

Dayhomes also typically have smaller class sizes than daycares. This essentially means more one-on-one attention with the provider, meaning you’re giving your kids extra care and educational attention as well as reducing the risk of them being exposed to illnesses.


#3: Academic Advancement

Studies have found that children who spend more time at a child care facility in their early life have a high likelihood of achieving higher cognitive and academic abilities. The biggest defining characteristic of the success of the children in the study linked in the previous sentence is the quality of the daycare facility. VonKids aims to provide the absolute best environment to prepare your child for an excellent future. Learn about our childcare philosophy here.


#4: Smoother Transition to Kindergarten

Other studies have found that children who attend daycare or dayhomes more easily adjust to going to kindergarten and subsequent formal schooling. Preparing your child for success early gives them a better chance at a happy, successful life — whatever that might turn out to mean for them.


#5: Comprehensively High-Quality Care for Your Child

VonKids dayhomes prove your child with:

  • A family-like environment, so your child feels more comfortable
  • Professional child care educators trained to support your child’s safety and growth
  • Small group sizes
  • Flexible hours
  • Special events
  • Customizable programming
  • Fun, engaging experiences

Find The Perfect Dayhome Near You

If you are in Calgary, VonKids has a dayhome near you. We have locations in almost all regions of the city and are committed to providing you unrivaled child care quality. Learn more about what makes our dayhomes different here.

VonKids is ready to help your child learn and grow in a safe and fun environment. Learn more about the VonKids curriculum, see what makes our child development stand out from the rest, or contact VonKids today to get started with your world-class dayhome experience today!