Why Choose VonKids?

When searching for the best childcare facilities, you’ll want to find a place that provides your child with all of the resources and learning opportunities in their early learning childcare to set them up for success in the future. At VonKids, Calgary’s premier childcare company, we do all this and much more! Learn more about why you should choose VonKids.


Not a Traditional Daycare

VonKids is more than just your average daycare. In fact, many practices make us different from a traditional childcare company. Where traditional daycare will simply provide a safe location for your child when you are away, VonKids focuses on providing a holistic child care experience. As a dayhome, we prioritize safety, learning, playing, and growing by creating an enriching environment!


The VonKids Advantage

Our dayhome provides education, nutrition, security, and child development of all kinds. These pillars of our mission to help your child learn and grow will give them what we call the VonKids Advantage. As they learn logical thinking, artistic expression, public speaking, and more, your child will gain important skills to be successful throughout their life.


Our Curriculum

The curriculum at VonKids is designed to take a holistic approach to childhood development and education. Through small class sizes, we use a personalized approach to early learning childcare. At our Calgary dayhome, we provide a fun and growth-oriented curriculum with age-specific programs, all to aid your child’s academic advancement.


No Television

If you’re looking for an early learning childcare facility that will do more than just sit your child in front of the television all day, VonKids is your answer. In fact, we have a no television policy at our facilities! We believe that it is never too early to begin nurturing the mind. Rather than simply keeping your child busy, VonKids provides them with enriching activities and curricula to build skills that will help them throughout their lives.

Choosing VonKids as your childcare provider ensures your child will receive loving care, social skills, and more!

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