Are Dayhomes Safe To Use During the Pandemic?

Since the maximum number of children at our dayhomes is six, we are already complying with the recommended limitations in group sizes. Dayhomes are relatively safe for your children during the pandemic. Part of the reason is that group sizes are kept small and don’t go on any field trips or anything of the sort. And,part of the reason are safe is because VonKids practices enhanced sanitation practices to reduce risks of contagion, such as:

  • Routine surface cleaning and disinfectant
  • Handwashing for adults and for children
  • Visitors and children are screened before entering regarding how they are feeling
  • Frequent hand washing is highly encouraged for everyone on the premises

If you are looking for a child care facility in your Calgary neighborhood that you can feel confident your child will be maximally safe and secure from illness and other risks, choose VonKids for our strong safety procedures and high quality of child care. 

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