1. 5 Benefits of Dayhomes

    Many parents are surprised when they find out that they have other options than daycare to send their kids to while they are at work. Dayhomes combine the advantages of a daycare with the safety and comfort of an at-home environment.  VonKids in Calgary offers high-quality, affordable dayhomes all …Read More

  2. Child care tips on how to craft during the holidays

    Crafts You Can Use To Brighten Up The Holiday

    The holidays are a special time of year where everyone seems to be a bit more jolly. But one of the best ways to spread even more cheer is with great holiday decorations that everyone can enjoy. If you like to sit down with your kids and make your holiday decorations, then you’re in luck, because …Read More

  3. Learn the difference between daycares and dayhomes

    The Difference Between A Daycare and Dayhome

    Most of us know what a daycare is and understand the concept behind it. But if you’re like many other people, dayhome could be a brand new term for you. If you don’t quite understand the differences between daycare and dayhome, then you are in the right place. Vonkids has made this great blog to…Read More